Crysis 2 Game Review

Crysis was a game well known for its visuals as well as its open-ended gameplay. As a marine strapped with a million-dollar Nanosuit on a fictitious island, players could analyze and approach an enemy encounter any way they wanted to, be it with deadly stealth or excessive force.
With the move to a more concrete jungle, developer Crytek have sacrificed that beloved open-ended mechanic, but Crysis 2 still remains a gorgeous and enjoyable shooter that thankfully will not melt your PC this time round.

Crysis 2 takes place nearly three years after the events of Crysis, where New York has been hit by a deadly virus and an alien invasion. Most of the citizens are dead, and the few that survived are dying painful deaths. You are Alcatraz, a special ops dude sent in to survey the situation and provide backup to a certain scientist. 

Obviously, things don’t go quite as planned and you end up in a world of hurt. As fate closes one door, it opens up another for you and hands you the Nanosuit, leaving New York’s salvation in your hands. Like its predecessor, Crysis 2 is all about the Nanosuit. Thanks to its plethora of abilities, it allows players to adopt and run with their very own style of gameplay, opening the door for multiple play-throughs. 

Most of the suit’s abilities are back from the first game, so you can run fast, cloak yourself, jump real high and hit real hard. Where the first game tied it all down to the mouse, Crysis 2 allows players to map the suit’s abilities to the keyboard. This kind of a streamlined control scheme actually facilitates gameplay, so instead of clicking the middle mouse and then choosing cloak from a dial, I simply hit [E] and bam; invisible man in the house. 

This definitely adds a layer of swiftness to the game where players truly feel like predatory hunters.

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